Tuesday, March 26, 2019


In 2010, having built power amps, speakers and a preamp I wanted to try my hand in digital sources and built a version of ezDAC, (pronounced 'easy-DAC'), a nice do-it-yourself 24bit/96kHz upsampling audio D/A converter, designed by Evan from ezDIYaudio.com (the site is now something else, unfortunately). It is a fairly simple DAC with a CS8416 digital receiver, an AD1896 sampling rate converter, and a PCM1794A with a passive I/V converter for the DAC proper. Nothing fancy.

If was a first for me in many ways, including my first digital audio product I built from scratch, my first use of Eagle to re-create ezDAC's PCB, and my first SMD soldering experience. As Nelson Pass said, the water is fine.

I used three separate 3VA toroidal transformers (for digital circuits, the DAC, and opamps) in the PSU. The enclosure is from modushop.

Eagle files for the PCB are available.