Wednesday, March 27, 2019


ezDAC (see my previous post) lacked an USB input, so I leveraged my newly acquired SMD soldering skills building BantamDAC from a kit. The DAC ended up inside my version of Pete Millett's low-voltage hybrid headphone amp, to be posted separately.

Jason Stoddard of Schiit Audio wrote: "[R]emember, this is early 2011 we’re talking about. Adaptive USB 1.1 was kinda the de facto “good solution”, with most audio components using the truly terrifying TI USB input receiver/DAC/headphone amplifier/car washer chips that weren’t even adaptive. "

Yes, BantamDAC uses one of those TI USB input receiver/DAC/headphone amplifier chips. The choice of the chip puts limits the DAC to USB Audio Class 1 up to 16bit/48kHz. It was ok for 2010; today I'd look for a higher fidelity solution though.