Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Burning Amp BA-3b (Balanced) Updated Power Supply

In my previous post of the Burning Ampifier 3 Balanced, I mentioned that I replaced the CRC filters in the power supply with 100mF + 10mH + 100mF CLC filters per rail per channel. Here are some pictures of the new power supply:

From left to right, you can see two toroidal power transformers with a soft start mounted on top; four bridge rectifiers; first four capacitors, one per channel per rail, with their discharge resisotrs; four chokes; the other four capacitors; and the PCBs with the from ends, mounted on the rear wall of the chassis. On the far side, there are six pairs of power MOSFETs mounted on a heatsink. Here is a close-up shot showing how the capacitors and chokes are mounted:

The capacitors are Vishay/BCcomponents MAL2 101 16104, chokes are Hammond 159ZJ. The power transformers are from Antek.